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Kik Online for PC – Windows Free Download

Kik Online for PC – Windows

kik for pcWhen it comes to mobile apps in this day and age, you will find that many of them are not available for download on laptops or desktop computers. However, there is help.

Can you use kik on a computer? Yes, you can..

There is a desktop version of Kik, called Kik for PC. Kik is a popular messaging app that was only available on mobile devices until recently. This version was created specifically for the PC by a group of people (programmers) who spent most of their time hovered over a desk rather than a mobile device. So they thought they would create a messaging app that could be used on all of the screens they all were staring at. Therefore, Kik Messenger for PC was developed.

Features of Kik PC

What good would a PC app be if it didn’t include everything the mobile app did? You will find many features such as:

  • Log into kik on your computer
  • Being able to useĀ kik chat online to invite your family and friends to group chat, or anyone else you want to invite as well.
  • Send the same message to several people all at once.
  • Receive a notification in the task bar on your PC when a new message is available.
  • Connect your social media to your PC Kik account such as Viddy and Instagram
  • Look at your friends list and it will show you is available online
  • Use your status to update how you are feeling (for example being happy about the new Kik for your Windows computer)

How To Get Kik On Your Computer

To download our kik online app, just click the download button below:


Kik for WindowsInstalling Kik MessengerĀ Online

There could not be an easier program to install. All you need to do is select Kik Messenger Online for download and double click the program for installation. Then once the program has downloaded and installed on your computer, sign in via your Kik account or create a new Kik account.

Some Other Things You Should Know

This is a free messenger program. It runs through a cross-platform chat app. This app is used to not only communicate to groups but can send pictures as well. It is great for those looking to replace paid services for SMS messages.

Kik Values Your Privacy

So you don’t want your boss to know you are online. Or maybe you just want to know who has access to knowing your information such as your address book or showing up in searches. This SMS replacement doesn’t share your information. However, this means that since Kik can’t access your information then you will need to manually invite your friends and family to chat with you.

Phone Numbers are Private Information

Rather than needing to enter a phone number, when you register with Kik you will use your email address and your user name. Kik will not access your contacts unless you allow it to. In order to add contacts you can manually enter them using your email or your SMS contacts or by searching their user name.

Additional Features for Kik for Windows

On top of being able to send basic messages, you can also send objects or images in your messages. This shows you how many different things this messenger can offer you. It is not just your basic messenger service. Included in this program is an amazing drawing editor which allows you to customize sketches quickly and easily. This editor rivals with full fledged character applications. You can also choose from an entire database of many of the popular meme images, photo bomb messages, and send videos from YouTube.

Should you need additional assistance with your Kik app, there is always help available.



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